Three houses, Three directions under one roof and one perfumer. There are two arts I’ve been fascinated with and have been in my obsessions for years. The Art of Cinema and Perfumery I accomplished both of my obsessions. From the film industry and film education. I shifted focus to the art of perfumery but still under same intention “I want to tell stories” I wish to create stories that narrate into your imagination when you smell them. Create olfactory experiences and interpret the main idea under your own imagination.

Strangers logo

Strangers Parfumerie was founded in 2017. Cigar rum, Ember, Fume Ma Peau, La Malila and Maia was the first collection (Unfortunately “Ember”,” Fume Ma Peau”, “La Malila” and “Maia” was discontinued.

What does “Strangers” mean?

First, It means “The stranger in me” Another side of myself that I do not even realise. Second, The name derived from my dream. In that dream, I established a brand and that brand lead my life in a better direction.

The main concept in “Strangers” is to cherish your life. Cherish the joy, the misery, the memory and the sadness. “Strangers” is always inspired by my life experiences. From my life, my journeys, the cultures, the foods etc. I wish to capture some moments of my life transforming into the realm of the olfactory. And yes, please have some fun! Enjoy every single moment of your life. “Strangers” began at the lowest moment and enlightened my life.

Prissana logo

Prissana founded in 2018 Prissana is my elder sister's name. There is no blessing better than the blessing from my parents that is the reason why I choose the name.

There are two main ideas for Prissana First, The lost World. Vintage/classic perfumery style. Second, The Eastern perfumery style. Incense/Exotic resin, flowers and woods are also the main attraction. If you are a Western who is not familiar with Eastern olfactory experience might find “Prissana” is out of your comfort zone. Debut with “Apsarah”,”Le Cirque Bleu” and “Nimitr” And still focusing on Eastern culture, history and exotic materials.

Strangers logo

PRIN was founded in 2019 The central concept is straightforward. It’s my signature style. Personal favourite. Suppose I’m able to create only one style. This is what I will do.

Here are short descriptions

The twilight worlds
A Nocturnal Poetry
Based on Animalic materials.

Debut with “Anatolia”,“Mandodari” and “Aran”